Rachel Folger

Hi, I'm Rachel Folger, a fifth generation Colorado Native. I'm a wife, a mom, a REALTOR®, and a lover of coffee, animals, history and turquoise jewelry. I am one of Erie’s biggest fans. My roots run deep in this amazing little town and I can’t wait to show it to you.

More About Me

Growing up on the Weld County side and the Boulder County side, I have called Erie home for almost my whole life. Around four years ago, when I realized that people were flocking to my little piece of paradise to discover all the things I love about it, I promptly became a licensed REALTOR®. Since then, I have helped several buyers and sellers find dream homes in Erie and surrounding areas. A member of several boards, committees and groups throughout Erie, I pride myself on staying up to date on all happenings in town and local current events, keeping up with information on district schools and retail establishments, and constantly seeking new knowledge about this sunny suburb to ensure buyers and their loved ones make the right choice when choosing their next home.

Why 'Moving to Erie?'

Erie had always been a quiet little town- until it recently exploded! Real Estate prices skyrocketed, people came in numbers so unexpectedly high that retail shops, commercial establishments, road construction, and schools didn’t keep up. Dozens of people and families moved into neighborhoods with which they were not familiar, sparking questions- Where to go for groceries? What about the best local bar or restaurant? Where can we go to learn the history of Erie or identify opportunities for volunteer work? I saw an immediate need within my community- thus, Moving to Erie was born. We ultimately help both current and future residents feel there is a pertinent resource for this kind of information.
Erie Methodist Episcopal Church